“There will always be a line between who you
       are and who you could be. The question is,
   are you willing to cross that line?”

Olivia Carter

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Copyright Olivia Carter 2014


“Words are like water, if you let the ripples settle you’ll find your reflection. If you want to
know who you are, just read what you’ve written. “ -Molly Parker (Jake)

A solid young adult novel

This book has a solid emotional storyline which will prove entertaining with readers from ages 12 and up. I feel that, unique to most books in this genre, both male and female readers will find it enjoyable. It does contain some religious themes, but they do not overpower the reader by turning the whole book into a sermon, but supplement the story in a positive way. I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick read.    - Austin, Tx

More than a love story

When I first picked up this book, I wasn't sure what to expect. A simple high school love story, maybe? But after I read the first few pages I knew much more was in store then a simple romance. The main character, Molly, faces many real and relatable challenges. The author has a very strong and powerful voice. There were even moments when I had to put the book down to let what I had just read really sink in, and even after that I would ponder it for the following week. Now, any book can grab your attention. But only books like Jake can keep it.  - Benjamin, Az.

A Relatable Story

Reading this book, it was like you were put in the shoes of Molly the main character. The story started out a little slow in the first few chapters but after that there was now way I could put the book down. I just wanted to know what happened next. Being a friend of the writer didn't change my views of this book. I knew she would become a great writer and this book proved me right. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a book that pulls you in, a book that you can relate to. I love this book! -  Anonymous, Az.

Outstanding! A Must Read!

I Loved this book! The author has a unique way of writing that doesn't necessarily follow the norm and I like that. We are all unique individuals and I do not understand why the world follows so many traditions (ex. story lines, society ideas, etc.) I think she has done a great job capturing the realness of life as a teenager in this world and expressing it. This story reminds you that you are NOT alone in this world and many of us face the same or like issues and talking more to one another could help. We all think things we don't say or bother to ask others about, imagine having such a level of honesty among ourselves in this world. It would change some things for the good. The author is real in her writings and it is refreshing! She doesn't hold back. I love the fact that she is not afraid to refer to God, even talks to Him, but by no means pushes, she's human. I think it hits us as humans that even if we don't recognize God or a god that we all have been to a point in our lives where we are begging God to help us in some predicament, to save us or someone we love from a horrible situation, disease, death, to fix our finances, or our lives. I feel that this is worth the read, highly recommend the purchase. I have to ask though, "When is the next one coming?"  - Mike, Az

Unleashing Readers

Review: The peculiar chemistry between Molly and Jake kept me engaged in this book. It reminded me of Lucas by Kevin Brooks, where I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to be reading a fantasy, a peculiar romance, or something much different. Molly is a freshman in high school, and I would recommend this book to upper middle school and lower high school students.

Teacher’s Tools for Navigation: Carter weaves similes, metaphors, and personification throughout the story. “‘Jakey says your life’s been much like a ceiling fan, always working hard to com around to nothing” (p. 193). While I was reading, I kept flagging Carter’s great use of figurative language, and teachers could use this text as a model to students.

Unleashing Readers is a teacher’s utensil, a guide to the value of literature based on it’s usefulness in the classroom setting.

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Nightly Reading Reviews

From what I understand, Olivia Carter wrote this book while she was in high school. She is now a college student and I know that her writing will only keep getting better and better.

I really enjoyed the story line and the connection between Molly & Jake. In the beginning, they had some serious chemistry which continued when their "big secret" was revealed...just in a different way.
Molly and her mom had been having trouble making ends meet since her dad left. Their car breaks down in the middle of literally no where and the only thing around is a church. Molly runs into Jake when she is trying to ask to use the phone in the church office. She immediately becomes intrigued with him. She soon will find out why.

Molly was written wonderfully! She has some serious issues with her mother. As in, her mother is VERY judgmental and ALWAYS has an opinion about everything. I totally could understand why Molly has serious trouble confiding in her because it always leads to a lecture of some sort. Molly also has to deal with her father leaving and not really understanding the reason of why and why he never cam e back.
Jake was also a great character. He is sweet but also sassy at the same time. He figures out the big secret before Molly and he tries to help her deal with it the best he can.

I must add that there was one particular scene in which I was in tears, so make sure you have the tissues ready! Also, there is a lot of religion references in this book. I usually do not read much like this, but I found myself not really minding it. It definitely did not deter me from finishing.

I am looking forward to the next book in the series and can"t wait to follow the career of Ms. Carter:-)