“There will always be a line between who you
       are and who you could be. The question is,
   are you willing to cross that line?”

Olivia Carter

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Copyright Olivia Carter 2014

Released: April 4, 2013

“God doesn’t call us to be perfect, nor does
He expect invincibility, and often He doesn’t
care if we’re prepared. I couldn’t be any of
those for Jake.”

Freshman year is about to begin and Molly Parker couldn’t be more unprepared. Still recuperating from her father’s recent split, Molly entertains a fragile relationship with her mother while simultaneously attempting to define herself.

Molly has only her best friends, Rae and Margaret guy-crazy teenagers who mean well, and the “hard-boiled” restaurant owner Cindy to confide in until she “accidentally” meets Jake. But as far as strangers go, Jake and Molly are the strangest. Together they unearth one secret that will change their lives forever.

Through My Eyes: Jake (Book One)

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