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“There will always be a line between who you
       are and who you could be. The question is,
   are you willing to cross that line?”

 Olivia Carter

“Humans have meaning, though they all look relatively the same. Some humans are good and others are bad. Some are so good that they are put on the covers of magazines which are distributed around the world to tell people how good they are. But that doesn’t seem to be a motivation for being good because humans who are bad are also put on the covers of magazines and proclaimed around the world.”

Annal y’Amin is four hundred years old. He is the crown prince of Lucidan, the regent planet of the Morphis system on the furthest arm of the Andromeda Galaxy. He is the prophesied savior of the Universes’ oldest religion. And he is trapped in the body of teenage, human boy Neil Black. His borrowed time is spent studying Calculus and preparing his return to a war-torn kingdom threatened with ultimate destruction by the expansion of their host star. But, when traces of the soul that he replaced upon taking Neil’s body begin to resurface, Annal is faced with the most unpredictable of foes, his own feelings.




“Who wears a watch anyway? It’s such a futile task, keeping time. As if I really need reminding that another fifteen minutes of my allotted time on planet earth has passed by me. Wearing a watch is like writing “You’re wasting your life!” in permanent ink on the inside of your eyelids.”

Hannah Jane Stone is seventeen years old. She doesn’t play an instrument. She isn’t into sports. Her parents aren’t home long enough to scold her for not making her bed. She wastes her abundant time debating the meaning of life with her goldfish and mashing the repay button on her iPod. Her boyfriend is the lead singer of the school’s hottest garage band, and the only thing that keeps her from saying ‘goodbye’ to him for good is fear of being alone. But when a mysterious, long-time acquaintance offers to walk her home from school, Hannah discovers that sometimes a girl wants to be understood more than loved.

  Introducing Neil Black

  Introducing Hannah Jane Stone

What if the thing you have always been running from is LOVE?

What if the person you want to be is threatening to destroy the person you are?

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