“There will always be a line between who you are and who you could be. The question is, are you willing to cross that line?”

 Olivia Carter

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The Author

Hello beautiful people of the world!

So, in case you hadn't guessed (or read it at the top of, like, every page), my name is Olivia Carter. And I am the author of the Through My Eyes series.

But there’s always more to the story than that. Which is why I’ve got this lovely little author page. So that you folks who love funny little things like Facebook and Pintrest can get the skinny on your’s truly. You’ll have to bear with me though, I’m a lot better at writing Molly’s story than my own.

I've lived in all kinds of places around all kinds of people over the course of my eighteen years of life. Originally, though, I am from New York. Now I know what you're thinking, and let me remind you that there is a whole lot more to New York than the city.

So, I’m a university student in Arizona, which is not where I’m from originally but it’s where I’ve lived pretty much my whole life. And I’m studying Classical History (Greece and stuff) and Sociology, which is the study of how people act in different times and places and why (like being a professional stalker of society). When random people who knew me as a baby see me in the grocery store and ask what I’m going to be when I grow up, I usually tell them I don’t plan on ever growing up.

     Kidding. No, I tell them that I’m studying history and Latin and that I’m planning to be a teacher or a museum curator. Which is not a lie.

     Truth is, though, I’m an artist. Always have been. Paint in my blood, Mom used to say. If there’s homework to be done I’m probably either sketching in the columns of my notebook, mashing the replay button on a Christina Perri song, or writing my next novel in a text which I promptly send to my own email. Thank you, Vivienne! (Yes, name your iPhone, it’s less likely to glitch if you do)

     So, there’s two reasons you’re reading about me:

1. Arizona is the hottest place on Earth. (No, really)

2. Chemistry is a really boring class.

Yep, “Jake” was first transcribed on the back of Chemistry notes in ninth grade when the science of the spectrum had been exhausted past my attention span (which is pretty bad, I might add). And, since it’s usually 110 degrees here on a good day, hanging out in my cool blue room, under a ceiling fan and writing a novel was far more attractive than riding a bike or going to the mall. Lucky for you I don’t live in California(which is where the pictures above were taken) Or else, I’d have been wandering the fantastic oceanfront instead of composing Molly’s story.

       Nope, I’m in Arizona for now, with my family and our collection of very personable rescue cats. I only mention the seven little rascals for their habit of inspiring me. Shout out to my best friend, a twelve year old fat tabby, Grace Mae, who was sitting on my lap nearly every day that I sat down to work on “Jake”.


“Life is a book that you can’t read twice, so leave the pages worn and the cover bent”
~Olivia Carter

The Through My Eyes series has really been an adventure to write. In fact, it was the promise of returning to my lovely laptop Hannah (yep, name your PC too) that inspired me to brave the four years of high school I just graduated from. Yeah, Class of 2013!

Imaginary reporter: "You've just graduated from high school, what are you going to do now?"

Two words: World. Domination.

Kidding. Nah, I think I’ll just settle for becoming the 21rst centuries first (and goofiest) Christian Sci-Fi novelist. That sounds like a good plan to me.
And, of course, I'll be spending a lot of time recording Molly's story for her. If you haven't read it yet, the "Books" button is conveniently located above for your purchasing pleasure :)

Go on. Use that happy little mousepad that malfunctions at the most inopportune moments. Click it. That is a really good plan.

You know what else is a good plan? Disney movies and  peanut M&M’s that is a really good plan.

                        Peace and Love,

 Things I Love

And just   in case you were wondering, here are a few things I couldn’t live without, you know, besides oxygen

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Beautiful Trees


Favorite Converse

Epic Sunsets


On a Beach.