“There will always be a line between who you are and who you could be. The question is, are you willing to cross that line?”

 Olivia Carter

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Copyright Olivia Carter 2014

Through My Eyes: Bob & The Misfits (Book Two)

    Molly and Jake are still adjusting to their unintentionally formed relationship and the trials that arise from feeling each other’s emotional and physical distress. Sophomore year starts up at Weston and the pair find themselves surrounded by trouble in the form of an “accidentally” collected clique they come to call “The Misfits”. Through countless disagreements and differences Molly and Jake learn that adding a half dozen people to the equation only winds up complicating their already out-of-the-ordinary lives.

I’m also working on six or seven other manuscripts at the moment. My favorite, which I cannot wait to put on out on the shelves for the world to read, is a science fiction.

Check out the Earth in Love page and let me know if it sounds interesting. Maybe I can post a teaser chapter selection!